On June 12 2014 – Facebook announced many changes to its paid advertising spots, which ultimately includes the tracking of websites outside of Facebook and in return providing personal accounts with more relevant ads.

Current ads on personal accounts are based off of your activity within Facebook.com. Whether you like a local boutique or expressing interest in a auto maker will impact what type of New Facebook Advertising Changestargeted ads that show up in your personal news feeds. Now Facebook is taking it to a whole new level and using your information from external websites and apps that you visit and use. There is an area within your account to adjust these ad preferences. Facebook, thankfully also explains there is a new tool available in every advertisement explaining why you are being targeted for that particular ad and allows you to adjust these interest to prevent or encourage more targeted marketing upon Facebook.

Blocking this tracking and ads based on your web surfing can be accomplished through the Digital Advertising Allowance website. This is an marketing practice where a small piece of code (aka: cookie) is placed on your internet browser to trac your activity on the web. This better allows businesses to target you better with more relevant ads through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other paid advertising mediums

This ad tracking and relevant placing isn’t a new form of advertising – Facebook is simply integrating this very powerful way on their Social Media platform. Have you ever gone onto a website such as Cabelas.com – checked out a few pages and left but happen to see their ads on different website throughout your online experience for a few days? This is simply called Retargeting/Remarketing. Think of it as a thank you for visiting Cabelas.com and please don’t forget about us when you’re ready to purchase some outdoor gear.