Facebook recently launched a new application that may soon allow all Small Businesses the opportunity to sell their product directly in News Feeds. If you Like it, Buy it! They are currently testing this new application with just a few very lucky Small Business pages. With a hopeful outcome of great results, it will soon be available for every Small Business at no cost – so they say!

Transactions are secure via a 3rd party and is never shared, stored, or seen by Facebook unless you save your credentials within. With over 30 million Small Business pages throughout the world, this can be a huge game changer for Small Businesses on Facebook. Do you have loyal customers for your products? Why make them leave Facebook to make purchase? Let them do so without leaving your Small Business Facebook page!


Is your Small Business Facebook page up to speed, optimized for SEO,
being used on a regular basis, and ready to sell your products?

Shopping on Facebook

Contact us today if any of this has interested you! Facebook can be a very powerful advertising and marketing tool. With the ability to target the exact customers you want to reach on a post-by-post basis – you can stop throwing advertising dollars out the window and start using them to the fullest potential!