Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and more! Let our experts optimize it on your behalf! These well known Social Media websites offer relationships through Videos, Photos, Messages, Forums, and Blogs. Not only can you use it as a personal space, advertise your services & products, promote your business, develop a brand, and find potential clients – you can also use these websites to explore new ideas, view your competition, and screen for interviews. Social Media Marketing is not only effective but fun and informative!

Social Media Advertising is a form of advertising that engages, interacts, and provides a sense of community within your customers. With new platforms launching every year, your business now has the ability to choose from a variety of Social Media networks. Whether you’re within a retail store, auto body shop, law firm, or candidate for a political race – we can get your name in front of only the people that matter the most to you!

Have you ever thought it would be really beneficial to reach just your specific target group and not waste your time on irrelevant populations, example, you want to advertise to: Females between the ages of 23 and 35 that live in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Des Moines that are in a relationship, in college, and like gymnastics? Well…actually… now you can!


 Why do Businesses use Social Media?

There are 200 million people on the U.S. ‘Do Not Call’ list.

44% of direct marketing is never opened.

Over 86% of TV viewers admit to skipping commercials.

Roughly 99% of online banners are never clicked.

Over 50% of people on Social Media
(1.5 billion & counting)
FOLLOW their favorite brands
(allowing real-time advertising to their computers, phones, and other mobile devices)


Here at Lefthand Digital Advertising, we have experience with the most prevalent Social Media platforms available. Determining which platforms to use is the first and foremost goal to achieve then developing a strategic plan for your business on each network to connect with relevant demographics, geographic, and more.

We strive to engage with your target audience, maximize your exposure, and connect with your audience on a personal level. Creating effective Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube accounts! This type of connections lead towards personal connections with potential clients. Whether you live within South Dakota(Aberdeen, Brookings, Pierre, Rapid City, Sioux Falls, etc), Wyoming, or near a coast; New York to California. We are always willing to assist your business and take your Social Media accounts to the next level and beyond your competition.