SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a never-ending beast that requires continual optimization and management to ensure proper long-term rankings. Here at Lefthand Digital Advertising, we have come up with a 1hr a Day SEO Plan that gives you the best bang for your buck. We understand that most small businesses do not have the budget nor the man power to tackle a full blown SEO plan where a team of professionals rip apart your website and implement new strategies to make it more search engine friendly.

SEO & Search Optimization Plan

Our 1 hour a day SEO Plan takes the best performing pages on your website and implements changes to have them perform even better. We do an audit of your website to see what pages are performing and which aren’t. Performing a high-level overview and implementing the best changes off the get-go. Instead of working from the bottom up, we work from the top down to drive relevant Internet traffic to your bread and butter pages first – then work our way down to ensure your other pages perform just as well as the above.

Do you really want your automobile hail repair shop
driving real estate hail damage – we think not!

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc etc all have specific algorithms that rank websites differently but also change those algorithms on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, it’s a never-ended beast that we strive to tackle. Any Search Engine Optimization efforts on your website is better then nothing! SEO is not an overnight strategy to get on the first page of search engines. Becoming a relevant well trusted online source takes months with search engines. As long as your onboard and willing to take the next step, we are too because we believe in our knowledge!

Do you still believe you can’t afford our 1 hour a Day SEO Plan? Don’t fret, we have gone one step further and come up with a 1hr a Week SEO plan to simply get your feet wet and running in the correct direction! A website without SEO is essentially a store somewhere on Main Street without an address or phone number. People know you’re there but can’t find you.

 Let Lefthand Digital Advertising give you a fighting chance against the corporate giants and other businesses in your market!