95% of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Websites are drag and drop.
Too many businesses today think that all they need to be is on the web. Yes, and NO!

Many ‘DIY’ websites are not the hype you think they are such as Wix, Weebly, Hibu, iPage, Yellowpages, etc etc. Yes you can do these yourself –  yes you can do it for a low monthly fee of only $19.99 –  yes you can have 100% control – NO it won’t be optimized – NO it won’t be mobile friendly – NO it won’t be professional – or even be worthy of search engines ranking it well. Most don’t even allow you to own your domain or have access to your hosting accounts – Meaning, you are at their mercy – and they own everything!   Sounds inviting doesn’t it?!

There are many elements involved in developing a professional website. We focus on what we know, what we are good at, and what we are professionals in. We know the web and digital advertising. Do not let the big companies talk you into a small low monthly fee because that fee will continue to increase.

Developing a proper and professional message on your website with branding, call to actions,  hierarchy with the use of imagery, typography, and aligning proper information at the right interval on each page. We then need to make ensure it is also mobile friendly and caters to your target audience since mobile and desktop users act differently. Advertising to the correct audience and developing the right message is what you need. We don’t strive to bring in 5,000 unique visits a day and converting 1 of them with a poor message. We take the audience that we advertise to and focus on converting them with the correct messages on each and every landing page. Quality over quantity!

Your physical store as well as your website needs to be available, reliable, professional, trusting, and easy to use like you put effort into it. Too many times we see people creating WIX websites and just creating 5 paragraphs of content on every page and then crying that they aren’t getting any business through the door and want us to fix it.