Mistakes happen, but some are more embarrassing than others.

Web hosting company 123-reg effectively deleted some of its customers’ websites, according to the company’s support page. It was unclear how many of the 1.7 million sites hosted by the United Kingdom-based company were impacted by the error, which occurred during server maintenance, however the BBC reported the company said it was a “small proportion.”


“We can conclude that the issues faced have resulted in some data loss for some customers,” the company said in a statement, according to the BBC. “The fault was limited to 67 servers out of 115,000 across Europe. … We are investigating the restoration of each VPS [virtual private server] on a case-by-case basis and are working individually with customers to keep them informed of the website recovery process.”

Virtual private servers are cheaper than dedicated servers and can host a number of websites, making them especially affordable for small business owners.

The host did not immediately return an email from ABC News seeking comment, however 123-reg’s support page notes the company is communicating with customers as they try to salvage their data.

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