Mobile Responsive Web Design

Is your business staying up to date with emerging technology online?

Google is changing the way they rank websites,
more specifically on mobile searches!

Your mobile traffic was at risk starting April 21st, 2016!

A Google team member  announced a major change in their algorithm that is larger the Panda and Penguin! If your website is not mobile friendly – contact us today! There has been a significant impact on mobile search results – which is huge as over 60% of all Google searches are now performed on a mobile device and possibly over 80% of all small business websites are not mobile optimized!! Get a head of your competition today!

Nobody uses the phone book anymore!
We reach into our pocket, grab our phone, and GOOGLE IT!

Mobile Responsive Websites take website design to a whole new level in terms of layout. A mobile responsive website (just as ours is) shrinks and expands its appearance based on the width of the computer screen or mobile device you’re viewing it on. Have you ever been on a website through your computer and then visited it on your phone or tablet and it’s utterly frustrating because it doesn’t look like the same website, the text is too small, only 1/4 of the page shows, or it simply doesn’t work? Below is an example of how a properly designed website should be experienced between different devices.

Computer View:

Website & Mobile Responsive Design in South Dakota

Tablet View:

Mobile Website Design in Rapid City, SD


Mobile Phone View:

Mobile Responsive Website Design in Rapid City, SD

If you are interested in redesigning your website to take advantage of capturing your online audience through a seamless viewing experience, contact us today! With over 60% of online traffic now coming from mobile devices, aka: Cell Phones & Tablets, the ‘future’ is here and passing before your eyes. Don’t be one of the 80+ percent of small business websites that aren’t mobile friendly – contact us today and get up to speed!

If you aren’t mobile responsive, you are really missing out!