4 Trends That Will Shape 2016

For marketers, it’s crucial to spend time reviewing data from 2015 and attending strategic planning meetings to build momentum for 2016. But it’s also important to consider marketing trends and forecasts that may impact your team’s plans. Are experts predicting any major shifts in the industry over the next 12 months?

Law Firm Digital & Online Advertising Agency

Does your law firm need assistance with online advertising to get in front of the clients it strives for? Here at Lefthand Advertising Agency, we have worked with a number of law firms with website design & development, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Social Media Management and more.

TV, Radio, Billboard, Print, or Online Advertising?

Has your business ever wondered what each type of advertising costs and how well each can be tracked? Do you know what your advertising campaigns CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is, perhaps on average how many impressions per action, or exactly who is seeing your ad? Every type of advertising has it’s place in today’s market place but knowing the data and analytics behind each is most important. Many companies product some of the best advertising campaigns but without the ability to track each campaign – there’s no real data to show how well it performs and how to better launch your next great product or event.

Google Adwords Management

Are you ready to kick start your business in Rapid City and begin advertising on Google through Adwords?  Question: What do you do when you need something? You usually grab your smartphone, tablet, or computer and type it into Google to find the nearest store that...

Construction Advertising and Web Design

Is your Construction Company looking to redesign your website into a mobile friendly, responsive website or simply launch an Internet Advertising campaign to homeowners in your area? Here at Lefthand Advertising we can assist your construction business in any digital...

Coffee Shop Advertising and Web Design

Online Advertising for Coffee Shops can be a very beneficial avenue if performed well. Here at Lefthand Advertising, we take our knowledge and implement a strategic plan to not only reach your potential coffee lovers but also engage them. Advertising isn’t just about...