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We’re now providing Professional Real Estate Photography.
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Your locally-owned Digital Advertising Agency in Rapid City, South Dakota!

Don’t let the word ‘Agency’ make you step back, we specialize in assisting Small Businesses Online. We only succeed when you do! Period. We strive to create the best possible customer service experience.

Website Design

Mobile Responsive Websites take website design to a whole new level in terms of layout. A mobile responsive website (just as ours is) shrinks and expands its appearance based on the width of the computer screen or mobile device you’re viewing it on. Have you ever been on a website through your computer and then visited it on your phone or tablet and the text is too small, maybe only 1/4 of the page shows, or it simply doesn’t work?

Search Engine Optimization

Is your business not ranking very well for searches that your customers might be typing in?  Would you enjoy being on the first page of  Google, organically, to boost your business and ultimately increase your sales?  A well developed website itself can get your started on the right path, but fully optimizing your website will take you above and beyond your competition.

Graphic Design

Let our team of Graphic Designers in Rapid City, South Dakota take your project from an idea to reality. From logo design, print ad spot creation, to custom graphics, contact us today!  With industry leading software to flowing ideas over coffee each morning, we create eye catching advertising collateral. We’ve worked with an array of clients from small boutique shops, realtors, law firms, to nationally known breweries – let us take your print ads from good to great!

Advertising Management

Paid Advertising is a fantastic form of advertising to get instant exposure nationwide to even worldwide from the Midwest to Alaska to South Africa. Whether you’re wanting to begin or optimize a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) campaign with Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or…. dozens of other website – here at Lefthand Advertising, we take your business and make it ours. When you succeed, we succeed!

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Paid Advertising Management
Website Design in Rapid City, SD
Website Design & Development
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Web Design in Rapid City, SD
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Logo Design
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design & Development
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